Borrowing Policy

Adopted 5/22/2007
Updated 3/11/2016
Legal Service Area
Any resident of the Otsego District Public Library legal service area may apply for a library card.  The library’s legal service area consists of Alamo Township, the City of Otsego, Otsego Township, Trowbridge Township, and Watson Township.  A card will be issued, upon showing proof of residency in the legal service area. Anyone applying for a library card must show some form of identification, (preferably a photo ID) with his or her current address printed on it. Minors (children 17 years of age and younger) cannot apply for a library card without a parent or legal guardian present. These applications are available at the circulation desk. Your library card is FREE, however each patron is granted one FREE replacement card. After the replacement card has been issued a charge of $1 will be assigned for further lost card(s).
Proof of Identification and Residency
A library card will be issued immediately upon showing proof of identity and proof of residency in the library’s legal service area. 
Patrons 18 and older must present an acceptable form of identification such as:
State-issued driver’s license or identification card
U.S. passport Foreign passport
Alien registration card
Military identification card
Employee identification card or badge
Bank or credit card
Student identification card
Checkbook with address  
In addition, proof of residency must be verified by one of the following items:
Michigan driver’s license or identification card
Current utility bill
Current auto insurance card
Current vehicle registration
Lease agreement Voter registration card
Current bill from a major credit card
And any other proof deemed acceptable by a library director
General Borrowing Guidelines
By receiving borrowing priviliges, the patron agrees to comply with all rules and regulations of the library, to pay all fines, to make good any loss or damage to library materials incurred while in use and to give immediate norice of any change of address or phone number. Parents and their guardians are responsible for monitoring their children's internet usage and checkouts. Upon presentation of an Otsego District Library card or a valid picture ID, materials will be loaned to the patron.  If a card is not presented and the staff member is reasonably sure of the identity of the patron, the loan will be permitted. Library staff may ask the patron for verification of identification. Materials will be loaned only to those persons with borrowing privileges in good standing with the Otsego District Library.    Interlibrary loan of materials to qualified libraries will be honored when it is deemed advisable to do so.
Item Loan Periods and Late Fine Amounts
Loan Periods
3 Weeks - Adult / Juvenile / Children's Fiction, Adult / Juvenile / Children's Non-Fiction, Audiobooks, NEW Fiction and Non Fiction
1 Week - Hot Spot Books, Magazines, DVDs and Music CDs
Late Fine Amounts
15 ¢ per day for all materials except videos and DVDs;
$1 per day for videos and DVDs. 
One day of “grace” is extended to patrons who can return items one day after they are due, thus eliminating the fine for being late that one day.  If late items are returned any time after that first day, however, a fine will be calculated for every day late. Overdue fine rates will be reviewed periodically by the library. A limit of ten DVD/VHS items (total) may be checked out at one time per patron, and a limit of ten music CDs may be checked out at one time per patron. 
Interlibrary Loan
The library offers the specialized service of interlibrary loan to all patrons residing in the legal service area of the library. Patrons can initiate their own interlibrary loan request by visiting 
Reciprocal Borrowing Agreements
Residents from several nearby communities have the ability to borrow materials from the Otsego District Library.  Otsego has reciprocal borrowing contracts with the Allegan Public Library, Kalamazoo Public Library, Martin Public Library, Parchment Community Library, Plainwell’s Ransom District Library, and the Van Buren District Library.  Residents from those areas must first receive a card from their home library and then the application process is the same as for those residents in the legal service area.  Library staff may contact the applicant’s home library to inquire whether the applicant is in good standing or not.   
Non-Resident Cards
Non-residential patrons (patrons outside of our borrowing area) may purchase a library card at the price of $80/year. This yearly fee allows the patron access to the library. 
Renewal of Materials
The renewal of materials may be done in person, by telephone, email, or self-renewal through the library’s online catalog.  There is a limit of one renewal per item for all materials, and “Hot Spot” books where there are no renewals.  An item with a reserve on it will not be renewed.  Interlibrary loan materials are renewable upon the approval of the lending library.  The renewal period is also determined by the lending library.  An overdue item may be renewed and the fine taken care of the next time the patron comes in to the library.
Reserve of Materials
As a special service to library patrons, a reserve may be placed on eligible library materials by telephone, email, Internet or in person.  There is no limit to the number of items that a patron may have on reserve.  The patron will be notified when the reserve becomes available and must be picked up within 5 days.  A reserved item may only be checked out on the card for which the original reserve was made.
Lost Materials
It is the responsibility of the patron to return materials in good condition. If an item is lost, the patron must pay replacement cost for the item.  The replacement cost will be the actual cost of the item plus a $3.00 processing fee, this fee is included in the item cost listing.  The library will also accept an exact duplicate of the item that has been lost, in lieu of payment, but the $3.00 processing fee will still be assessed.   
Refund or Found Items - A patron who pays for a lost item may have the cost of the item refunded if the item is returned within 30 days and is in good condition. The proof of payment (receipt) must accompany the material.
Denial of Use
Use of the library or its services may be denied for due cause.  Such cause may be failure to return materials, or to pay penalties, destruction of library property, disturbance of other patrons, or any other objectionable conduct on library premises.
Materials Recovery Policy
(Approved June 17, 2013)
Patrons will be contacted by the library at the telephone numbers, email addresses, and home addresses listed on their library card. It is the patron’s responsibility to update this information as needed. The process for collecting overdue, lost, and or damaged materials is as follows:
14 days overdue: Patrons will receive a phone call or email from library staff.
30 days overdue: Patrons will receive a first notice in the mail from the library warning them at 75 days overdue they will be referred to a materials recovery service.
​60 days overdue: Patrons will receive a second notice in the mail from the library warning them at 75 days overdue they will be referred to a materials recovery service.
75 days overdue: Patrons with a total of $50 in unreturned materials will be referred to a materials recovery service. Patrons will be assessed a recovery fee of $10 upon referral to a materials recovery service.
Payment Plan: 
Patrons may set up a payment plan with the library to avoid having their account sent to the materials recovery service. 10% of the beginning balance of the patrons’ bills must be paid each month. Patrons interested in a payment plan should contact the library for a Payment Plan Form.