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New Parking Lot Construction Begins at the Otsego District Library

Construction begins on October 7, 2015 for a new parking lot at the Otsego District Library. This lot will be located on the southwest side of the library behind the parking lot and sidewalk that currently exists. The new lot adds 21 new parking spaces and will feature an entrance/exit to Platt Street. Owen Ames Kimball Company will oversee construction.

WARNING TO PATRONS - Fundraising Scam in Otsego

The Otsego District Library was alerted to a fundraising scam this past weekend in the neighborhood of Kay and Dix Streets. Two well-dressed white men, in their early twenties, went door-to-door Sunday afternoon (October 5) asking for donations of $10, $20, or $60 to the Otsego District Library’s “Statuary Fund.” These men were carrying paperwork with pirated library logos, 501c3 paperwork, and receipts. The men were in no way related to the library and had no approval to do this.